NextBit256 Fractionalized BTC Mining

Nextbit256 is focused on securing and supporting the development of the Bitcoin network by running fully renewable bitcoin mining operations.

Their mission mission is to make Bitcoin more secure by bringing an efficient and 100% renewable approach to securing the blockchain.

Company Overview

NextBit offers services and runs operations on a number of different fronts.


They operate our fleet of ASICs in our facilities, optimizing efficiency and costs.

Hosting services

They provide all in hosting services at very competitive rates

Infrastructure provision

They develop and manage infrastructure for our clients.

MGS and NextBit256

MGS and NextBit256 are setting up a new BTC mining arm that will focus on the retail investor. Through the emission of a fungible token we are allowing the average consumer to invest into a world-class mining operation in a tokenized and fractionalized way.

Through the use of the Renewable Satoshi token (RST) the average investor can now be paid out in Bitcoin as the holder of the token will own a fraction of the mining rewards.

Currently in MVP on .

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