Launched on the 19th of August 2022, Kryptoria is an immersive 4X and RTS game enabled by the Ethereum blockchain, that encourages players to build an empire in the world of Kryptoria, through economic, technological and military power.

There are three types of ownable in-game assets: Alpha Citizens, Land and Weapons. 10,000 of each asset will be available to mint, split across three separate collections.

Players have the freedom to choose between one of the two factions that inhabit Kryptoria. Having survived a war with oppressive establishment forces on Earth, these two factions that once were unified, now stand opposed on the brink of a new civil conflict.

Kryptoria gameplay

In addition to generating in-game resources from land they own, players will earn extra resources through a combination of trading with, and attacking other players. Resources can be used to evolve and personalise each Alpha Citizen, with the corresponding NFT asset dynamically and visually enhanced both in-game and on-chain. Alpha Citizens are a player’s ticket to the entire Kryptoria universe.

Players are invited to climb their way to the top of the leaderboard to win prizes and assert their dominance in Kryptoria. Whether an expert or a beginner, owning the largest territory, making the most efficient trades or winning the most battles, every player’s journey in Kryptoria will become their own.

Kryptoria’s vision

The Vision for Kryptoria is to use our launch position at the vanguard of the global Blockchain gaming revolution as a launchpad to create a multi-format, cross-cultural entertainment franchise. Working with our community, we envisage Kryptoria’s Alpha Citizens (and the consequent Land and Weapons mints) to be the first pieces of Intellectual Property that grant access to our wider, ever-evolving eco-system over time.

For the Kryptoria project, we are looking to innovate through combining high-demand gaming genres and leading-edge web3 tech integration to create a professional, immersive and highly interactive experience which also leverages the transparency and power of the blockchain. Through combining experienced investors and advisors with passionate, native web3 evangelists, Kryptoria is a project that is built collaboratively for long term success.

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19th August 2022





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