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Project Kepler

The worlds first immersive media platform – combining blockchain, gaming and AI technology to create a truly unique and disruptive result.

NextBit256 Fractionalized BTC Mining

MGS and NextBit256 are setting up a new BTC mining arm that will focus on the retail investor. Through the emission of a fungible token we are allowing the average consumer to invest into a world-class mining operation in a tokenized and fractionalized way.


Kryptoria is an immersive 4X and RTS game enabled by the Ethereum blockchain, that encourages players to build an empire in the world of Kryptoria, through economic, technological and military power.

We Love Art Meta

We Love Art is moving into the NFT space and will pave the way for physical art pieces that have an accompanied NFT. Partnered with numerous art galleries We Love Art will make waves in the NFT space in 2022 and beyond.


From Sky City, players will be able to go to one of many OutPost servers. OutPost is set aboard giant Space Stations. It is a First Person Shooter style game, but also includes quests, mining and crafting. Own and customize your own Crew Room, fly the powerful XR75 Fighter ships, socialize and compete in a variety of contests.


Earn tokens while you get fit. Buy exclusive Kickboxes and try to get grail tier NFT Kicks that give you the DRIP needed to earn lucrative rewards.

Bit Hotel

Bit Hotel is a Social-first Play 2 Earn NFT Gaming Metaverse, in which users can compete to earn Bit Hotel tokens and acquire native NFTs.

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